Thursday, 6 March 2014

What Do You Want Out Of Life

It was not a while ago when I went for a long drive. It was an early morning, just me and utter silence. The windows were rolled down and the wind gushed my face. I broke the silence when I turned on the stereo. The music started playing ( I feel it all by Feist).. and there I went just along the highway not knowing where it would take me. Something about that moment was so indescribable... I felt like I was invincible.. I was happy.. Its hard to explain how a moment like that could make any one happy.. At that very moment I knew, that, all i wanted in life was to do the things that were just right for me.. Things that would make me happy, things that I didn't have to re-think twice, things that I was so passionate about doing that I would wake up each morning looking forward in doing it and sacrifice my sleep at night...

A lot of people struggle with this question... What do you want out of life? May be you do too.. Do you want to have a nice bank balance and live a monotonous life or you want you make a living out of doing the things you love doing..

Do you dare to take the road full of stones, the road less traveled by or you choose to go where everyone else is going and do what u don't really want to do but you do it anyway out of compulsion. Do you want to have a instantaneous death without any pain or you want to have a slow death, dieing each day equivalent to not living at all..

Many people will be happy just with the money, a secure job, an awesome career profile but I tell you what, a person like me will never bend with mere sticks and stones. Sticks and stones may break us but can never change the way we think. We might start slow but never regret one day of our lives trying to get there.. For a person like me, every single day is new learning experience.. Honestly speaking, I don't know a lot of things but learning one or two things each new day makes me happy.. A little drop of water everyday will make me a large pool someday.. Someday I will be an ocean and travel places and see the world with my own two eyes.. Its a dream, it is slow process but it is achievable.. There is a lot of uncertainty but choosing what we really need to do in life is the life we live to be.

Its not what we want to be that matters but it is what we need to be. It is a necessity and I'll tell you's a necessity because, it is a need of the heart. A need that burns outrageously because it is fueled by passion and when you have passion for something, I tell you, you will succeed no matter what the consequences.
So how do you get there?Now you know what your heart says.. How do you go ahead and make it possible? 

Well, firstly, I say you must have the ability to dare.. You must dream.. Dreams lead to endless possibilities. It could lead you to do things beyond your wildest imagination..You could stumble upon a bed of thorns on the way but don't give up just yet.. You must dare.. 

Secondly make some changes in your life and stick by it every day.. changes are important if you want dreams to become realities..we all must keep learning.. Dig a little deeper each new day about the thing you love to do or would like to do.. Teach yourself, help yourself.. Nobody can realize your dreams other than you.

Thirdly, we all must prioritize our goals, prioritize people, prioritize things that need attention..  Make a mental map or better yet jot it all down.. What are your immediate priorities (things that you see yourself doing and completing in the next few month) and your long term goals and priorities (the person you dream of becoming in the next few years down the lane)

Fourthly and most importantly, you must believe in yourself.. Nothing great is ever achievable without a few obstacles.. You must have a lot of patience and keep moving up the ladder .. Live one day at a time..

 You know a lot of times i have been skeptical about doing things. I didn't feel a lot confident about trying out something new. I had this blog set up in 2012 but for two years I didn't want to write anything on it, thinking, what if people don't like it. Who wants to hear me blabber any way, who wants to take any of my advice or hear my opinion when they already know.. 

But today I don't feel the same.. You know why? Its because I don't care anymore.. I am doing what I love to do.. I love blogging.. I love to go out there and get my thoughts heard.. I like to fight my way from the place i am now and the place i want to be. I don't know if i am making any difference in your lives, I truly am thankful if I am but if I am not, I will forever be happy because I am making a difference to myself.. At this moment I am proud.. This might me be a small stepping stone but I don't mind, life's a long journey, lots of things to accomplish  and I ain't dieing, not today. There is a lot of room for improvement, a lot of unfelt emotions to feel ... so go ahead and follow you dreams.. Make a journey worth remembering. I know you all can do it... at the very least test your limits give it a try rather than saying its impossible!! Remember... One day at a time guys... One day at a time.


  1. The intro was superb... I could imagine the
    Feeling..... Great work....

  2. Hey!! :) Thank you soo much. Glad you liked it :)