Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Little things

I have a lot of perspectives about life. Today at this very moment I am viewing it as a giant canvas.. You fill it with colors, people, emotions, every single thing that you love. You add little by little every single moment. Moments happen in seconds.. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours... Hours make a day and days pass by.. We live our lives....Its that simple and its that hard.

When I was a child, I had no interest in reading books. Usually, if I'd start reading a book I could never finish it.. At school and through college I'd borrow books from the library and keep it for months, ultimately end up paying fine but not reading more than five pages, at the most. Recently some months back, I couldn't even finish reading Inferno and still claim Dan Brown to be my favourite fictional author.I would lose interest quickly and jump from one book to the other momentarily trying to find something better.. something that would thrill me, something that could engage me for a bit longer. 

The only thing i could ever finish every time i took it up was writing. Being a single child, home alone I had my own imaginary world with endless possibilities.
Being alone was special to me, I somehow liked it.... sometimes i'd sit to write on Sunday mornings and wouldn't get up until I finished. I wanted every single world to be proper.. in place, put together just the way i wanted. i couldn't stop writing until i was really satisfied.

I remember the day I saved a street puppy and gave it a home to live, lots of love to grow and lots of food to get healthy. I also remember the day it died when I buried it with my own two hand in our back yard. I still have a long note on his memory which I had written with endless flowing teary eyes thinking he was at someplace better... it is the moments we spent together that still remains.

Growing up amongst lots of sadness and lots of happiness, I have realized this very special thing that life isn't always about those rare big events that happened but its about those small little things that we generally tend to overlook. Life is special because we make those moments without knowing we'd make them. We don't acknowledge how special they really are until they become distant memory. To me seasons are like lingering moments, sometimes silence and solitude is enjoyable, sometimes every idle hour is memorable. Those little things are the things that I've always looked back at and smiled at, even now when I've grown up to be what i am.  

 People say happiness is momentary, that it comes and goes. They say downfalls or tragic flaws are way more than the successes or accomplishments but, don't you think sadness is momentary too? I mean, you could be sad now but would you be sad if your friend drops by your place and cheers you up or you go out for a while, take an endless walk with your friend or someone you love or you pet or hell just alone for that matter... You can always remember the happier times hidden within those complex sad moments and smile. A person can never be always happy but no he can't always be sad either.

 If this life is special to you, I insist that you must live it to your fullest starting today. Let go of all those worries for a while, those tiring thoughts that pollute young minds. Be a narcissist for a day, chuck some attitude around, walk with you head held high even if you have a bad hair day or your wearing your worst pair of jeans. Act like your the best in this world.. Do something crazy, do something that brings happiness to you. Meet up with your friends, have a laugh with them over lunch or listen to your favorite song or play with your pet. Whats the point in living your life if you ain't living at all? 

 Why is it that you miss childhood when you still can be a child? I know you can't get back what is lost but u sure can start over.

 I ain't climbing a mountain to make a difference but today I am making a moment for you and I hope that at least once this very day, you laugh. You laugh so hard that you snort and spill out some drink onto you shirt in front of your friends and be laughed at just so you laugh back so hard you can't catch your breathe. I hope you get caught up at some hilarious moment that you wish didn't happen but laugh at it later thinking how hilarious it really was.. Its the little things that really matter, its the little things which happen randomly that become big events. Once again I wish you be humble, be happy, be random. Go ahead and make some moments special for you to cherish forever.

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