Monday, 24 March 2014


She was born,
Wrapped in a grey veil.
She arrived, beyond any anticipation,
They wiped her mother's blood off of her naked body,
That endless night, stars shone and constellations fell into place.
Smoke stealthily hazed her vision,
From a never ending cigarette her kin had lit. 
That was supposed to be an endless night.
No flowers fell down the sky, but dying autumn leaves and cold, cold breeze. 
Sleeping silently, in her mother's warm arms she lay.  

The time came right, 
Her mother abandoned her impassively.
Left her alone, along with the helpless lot.
She was just a month old.  
A baby girl they said, was beautiful and bright. 
What could she do, did she even know?? 
How to smile, how to cry, how to eat, how to speak??
She could barely crawl. 
Time passed by, an orphanage had her.
She was only 12 years old. 

She made friends, she learned to smile,
She worked hard and slept when she could. 
Nobody saw her yet she was seen. 
She taught herself how to read 
She knew she could make it big
As tears ran down her olive skin
She heard the voices in head scream.
No, it wasn't a scream, it was a screech,
Screeching silently her obscure, torn apart heart
Still managed to radiate an undying smile,
She still bore an ever lasting flame.

Buried deep within her heart she hoped,
Blood ran down her veins she dared,
Dying yet breathing her beating heart, she ran,
She ran as far as the eyes could see and beyond,
Beyond the fallen snowflakes and mist.
She promised to herself that she'd run,
She'd run until her heart stopped beating.
The girl, i knew was a caterpillar back than,
The girl i know now is a butterfly, she flew,
She still flies..
She'll forever fly..

This was one of my humble attempts to write a poem. As you can see I'm not very good at it. Back at school I used to write a lot of poems but I never showed them to anybody. Last winter when I went home I was really happy and surprised when my mother showed me all the poems and stuff I had written. She had collected and saved them up in a bundle. It was an emotional moment. 
To a mother her child is her everything and vice versa. Every little thing.. his/her clothes, books,10th and 12th grade school farewell shirts with his/her friends autograph on it.. Every big or little thing of her child is of value to her. I simply hope and pray that not under any circumstance, a child is ever abandoned. I wish that every child gets all the love that he/she deserves.

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