Monday, 31 March 2014


  We seem so afraid,
To do the things we never tried.
Trapped in a small cage,
Conquered by lust, lured by faith,
We move back and forth,
To a grey square box we call life.

Each new day a candle dies,
Like breath taken away from our lives.
We become so petrified of a feeling,
A feeling so undeniable.
Our very existence is questionable,
A mere dewdrop they say,

And yes a prayer put across in reverence,
in tongues with the Lord, and then we stay.
Concealed by a mask so brave, 
A man full of misguided disguise,
In a heart so cowardly,
In a corner so cold.

We are stoned, dead inside,
Infested by fear so deep,
that our souls tremble and quiver,
we stealthily bleed : a silent lamb
A long, cold, slow, death,
and a breath is taken away.

We live but never dare,
To face our planned destiny unmoved by prayers.
Something like life, a gift, a journey,
Something that cant be replaced, but remembered
Something like us, we're born,we die.. 
But what happens in between??
Wont you live it but once!

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