Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Someday, some sweet winter day
I'll unwillingly pass away
I'll have nothing much to say
I'll unwillingly fade away.

Leaving the memories of you and I, within your mind
And if you seek inside would you find?
Would you see the way I used to smile?
Although we'll be separated by thousand miles.

For you life would be hard, I know plainly
Your mind would be beaming with curiousity
Your heart would be crying stealthily
And in littlest things you'll remember my courtesy.

You'd remember the times we shared 
Miss my love, miss the way I cared
At times you'd feel the presence of me
Remember my face and feel lonely

Would you remember the way, I used to say, 
The words of love to keep you near?
The way I used to look into your eyes and lay 
Rest my head on your shoulder when I feared

Will you glimpse my reflection in the mirrors?
And bind my images into your memory
Would you perceive me in your dreams?
And the moments we lingered around joyfully 

Sometimes I wonder 
If I could find a way to stay with you forever
And never leave you alone in this broken world
But dearest, somethings just happen untold.   

Nothing can be more daunting than the fear of losing a loved one but dearest, love is eternal and it will remain forever like a burning ray of hope over the rainbow.. It will remain forever following you where ever you go, like the brightest star shining in the clear dark sky... Won't you believe me..? Won't you believe in love..?? 

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