Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wanderlust Anybody??

Wanderlust: A strong or and intense desire to travel.
Have you ever wondered how it will be like if you had a lot of gas in your car and an awesome camera and a long endless highway or how about a twin jet airplane taking you far across the horizon up above the ocean, scattering translucent clouds as you go, into some unknown land? Have you ever done or would like to do something as crazy as dumping your clothes into your bag, just the minimal things you require, some cash at hand, and your camera and take off..? Nobody knows where you're going, no cell phone, no connection with the outside world just you and you alone. If you are one of those wild ones like me and think of just taking off without a clue of where you are going but the only thing that matters is leaving, then you my friend suffer from an incredible unlikely to be a disease called 'wanderlust'. I like to think of this term as the motto of life and 'the wanderlust has got me... by the belly-aching fire'

Psychology states that wanderlust may be driven by the desire to escape and leave behind depressive feelings or running away from something for something new. I think it is either/or of the present propositions. Every human being has the tendency to go in search of something leaving behind something else.. This is a very obvious and veracious statement and may be provocative to many but when your life is sedentary and all you want to do is cope, all you really have to do is travel. Leaving home will be bittersweet and coming back home will be bittersweet, but the journey will bring you immeasurable joy. No matter how far or close you travel, you will carry the experiences with you for the rest of your life.

I had an opportunity to get away once.. so to say it was a sudden decision. Leaving was more important to me than staying. I felt like i was at the edge of the world and gravity could pull me any moment. So i left. Leaving the world behind i ran.. I may have acted like a coward than, unable to stand reality but i just wanted to breathe freely again.. I can't really explain how i felt at that point of time or why i did it... Its quite complicated for me to explain and someone to understand..  

You may try and picturize it in your mind... Ready? so, try and imagine, you are all alone, and you leave all the bonds of life.. you run.. now, nobody knows where you're at, you have reached the place you have googled for more than a hundred times. Standing on your own two feet you take a good look around you and for the first time in your life u actually see, you see through the blinding light. Your mind is going through changes by every millisecond. You've started to see life through a different view point. You look further and further... as far as the eyes can see, the further you look the clearer it gets. Your conscience, and your mind can't help but deliberate... At the moment you a suddenly realize your self worth and how far you've come to get here.. A sudden shock passes through your veins and penetrates into the ground.. its all self explanatory but yet it leaves you numb and speech less.. Your confidence is multiplied because you suddenly feel the absence of those iron chains that imprisoned you for so long, a sudden feeling of  liberty!!! you take a moment to smile, your boundless heart can feel it all.. all the feeling you haven't felt before... U have now reached the epitome of happiness!! 

Was it picturable? you could say i felt that way or may be a little more. Reading it may seem a bit too over-expressed but trust me, once you feel it on your own, words will seem too little to fit into a paragraph. That very day i understood the meaning of freedom..It felt like for a minute there i had lost myself and than i found me, a different me and so i will never regret it. I felt like as if i was reborn again and that it was the first day of my life..

Life is so long but oh so short. Whenever i think of wanderlust, i think we the 'gypsy souls' must run away. Run away or run toward something or nothing with existential lust, and utmost crave..At the end of the day you exist, i exist and there is the world.. You must want it, to grab it and to grab it , you must run after it, you must chase it. You must chase it in a way that you discover the flames in you, those flames that           remind you that you are ALIVE!!

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