Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy International Woman's Day 2014 ( Thank God I Am A Woman)

Whenever i think of being a woman, i feel like it's the most wonderful gift God gave me right when i was born. When i was little i cried, not particularly at the littlest things but i cried when i was hurting. I taught myself to be brave and courageous. I got into my 5th grade school entrance exam just because i was stubborn enough to prove  some people wrong, imagine i was that little. I learned about freedom when i moved to a different city.. I had an open minded approach, a brave soul and a tender heart.. A woman, she is the most beautiful creation of God.. I am a woman.. and i am thankful to be one... 

We are beautiful and no, it doesn't mean we have the perfect fashion sense or dress up perfectly for every occasion or know the right table manners. It is also not because people love the way we talk or the way we walk.. Honestly, we are beautiful not because of something as superficial as the outer shell. We are beautiful because we have a beautiful soul.. It is something as intangible as that. We are gentle and we are loving, but firm and assertive when need be. We don't need the world to validate us about how beautiful we are all the time because we know and people know by the acts we do. We have the ability to make people smile and the capacity to make them laugh even when we are moaning inside. We have a strong heart and mind which cannot be broken under any circumstance.  

All my lovely ladies out there , "Happy International Woman's Day 2014" , wear an invisible crown not only today but every single day. You could be of any color or any ethnicity, you could be of any country or any religion, be proud that you are a woman.. You will always be a pretty mess, simple and kind, confident and loving, humble and grateful. You will always be imperfectly perfect...You will always be beautiful deep down your soul. 

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