Saturday, 1 March 2014

Life Isn't Always Easy

Hi! this is my first blog. I wish to write more blogs in the future. This post is just about how I feel about fighting back the odds and motivating yourself.

All is great and then there is a downward fall. Things start to turn grey or black or blue or whatever, its all the colors you don't wanna see. Life throws stones at  you and you have nowhere to run. At some point of time, growing up, we all have felt this way. Sometimes is so irritating that if life were a physical object I'd throw a lot of stones back at it till it bled and i felt happy again.

Life isn't always easy. In fact its full of thrones and spikes that might bleed u halfway but trust me you wont die from it. You might scream inside or feel completely helpless like nothing in this world can cheer you up or fix the broken pieces and stick them back together and make everything proper,but hey! nothing in this world ever can other than you and you alone. 

Motivation comes from within. I helped myself believe that downfalls are just part and parcel of life. So, help yourself and dare to stand back up again. You might be scared today but being patient is the key. Impulsive decisions always made my life a better mess. Take a deep breathe. Its just a matter of time and time will pass. One day you'll look back to this time and maybe you'll be proud of yourself for taking the right step at the right time and believing you could make it!

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