Friday, 7 March 2014

They should make a movie on us

Life is so interesting. Something new happens everyday. There is love and there are heartbreaks. There is friendship and there is hatred..Every one of us have a story to tell.. 

 The famous saying goes, 'the grass is greener on the other side', many of us feel like the other person's life is 'oh so great', but no! its never the way we think. Everyone of us go through a lot each day. The only way we could ever understand how the other person is feeling or how the other person is living his or her life is by being in their shoes and walking in them for a day or may be even a day wouldn't suffice. The more simpler life looks to the outside world, the more complicated it is and we must accept that. Trust me when i say, its way better to live your own life rather than living someone else s', you may not like it. If you don't like the way you're living your life than make some changes, make it likable. I wouldn't trade my life for the world i tell you that..even if its a multi billionaire's life, it doesn't matter. After all your life is your life. Its for you to live and that to me is a blessing.
They should make a movie on us. Imagine if each and every one of us could make a movie on our lives.. won't it be great? We have so much to say, never second guessing our ability but only God knows we are able... If each and every one of us had a movie done and screened on our lives, so many misunderstandings could be solved, love regained, friendships restored, relationships entwined to make perfect bonds. People would see all the hardships a person has to go through everyday just to sustain. Each and one of us would be an intangible hero of our own lives and mutually respect others too. Behind the scenes would be epic, lots of secret uncontainable laughter and silly talks.. and you know what the best part is..? you get to be 'you'.. What more could you ask and who better can play your character better than you yourself.. The downside of all of this is one thing though... there will be no retakes... WTF!! no retakes... that's horrible isn't it... That just means mistakes will be mistakes, bygones will be bygones, only improvisation....and that's life.. Moving on is the only way to live it..Many a times we all have taken our lives for granted and that's not a probability, that's a fact and its until hard reality hits you and you fall into the ground not once but again and again, that's when you understand.
May be the reason why I talk about life so much is because it interests me. Its spontaneous, unpredictable, unbearable, a bit of perkiness and a bit of vivacity.. It has its own dynamics about it and it has its own essence...Its like a jigsaw puzzle, we don't know where we're going but with some logic and lot of belief we go on living it ...When faced with complications we try every possible alternative and get our minds muddled. We never decide to give in and head out stronger, our thoughts clearer.That moment of success after continuous struggle makes us feel like we've conquered the world and that 'we are the kings and queens of our province'.
If they ever make a movie on each one of us, besides being one hell of a long movie, it will be veracious. It won't be a simple one, won't just portray an unrealistic pretty picture. It will be an amalgamation of every possible emotion a man could think of, at times uber-hilarious and loved and at times awfully sad and wronged. I wish i could make a movie of my own life or even write a book. one day may be i will as always, life's unpredictable.. Who knew i was going to write all of this down online anyway... If you ever decide to make a movie on your life or do a documentary on someone else s', do let me know...You can always transform your dreams into plans and put plans into action..I will be very proud of you!!

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