Monday, 13 October 2014

Starting a new chapter : Gokarna

A beautiful sea view from hill top

The road to self discovery is a journey. A journey to be taken alone or together with the people you love. The more i grow older the more i realize that this journey is full of surprises, lot of happiness climbing the uphill battle and a feeling of fear and anguish rolling and sliding downhill. If i could find a souvenir for memory just to prove the world that i was there, then trust me i would keep one for every step of the way.

The rocks, the hill, the sea, the sun

You must consider yourself lucky to have the kind of people in your life who show you the right path to walk on, who make the journey with you, who overlook all your flaws and never leave you hanging half way, without whom you would consider yourself lost and the reason behind the radiate smile you carry with you whenever you are around them. I'm blessed with some amazing friends. They are the kind of people who without a doubt are not only worth all the effort, but they are like my family. I consider my self to be blessed because the love of my life also happens to be my best friend.

My love, my best friend 

The Trio: Wanderlust

All of us at some point of time have gotten lost on the way. Some see the sun, some see the smoke, some seek happiness and some search for gold, nonetheless we keep going on. You see the sky change its color as it crosses over from the drowning moon to the rising sun.  You carry your world around like a passenger riding on the front seat of a roller coaster. You start off feeling excited and scared. There are times you are on the verge of exploding with teary eyes midway, but at the end of it all you smile deliberately, without pretense, feeling so much lighter, so much happier, so much relieved, so much so that you'd want to ride it again just to feel the thrill of it all over again.

Shore of Starfish

I made a journey. A journey that changed a whole lot of me. Gokarna taught me that the serenity and simplicity always existed in this world full of chaos. There was no need to get my head muddled. I had everything i ever wanted. There was the sand, there was the sea. There were shells, there were waves. Just to walk on the beach with my naked feet, just to see the birds hovering above and fly towards the horizon, viewing the sun go down from the sandy shores, the feeling of almost being able to hold it in my hands. The sand, the sea, the shells, the waves taught me that maybe you get what you wanted, maybe you stumble upon it, maybe you'll know when you see it, and when you find it, you keep it. In a permanent state.

The rolling hills that backdropped the drowning sun

If life was an atlas, and i could leave my mark, then i'd leave my footprints behind imprinted on the sand. If life was an atlas, then i was in the right place at the right time. I'm glad to have made this journey. This was the starting of a new chapter. A chapter life will help me write. 

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