Friday, 19 September 2014

Flesh and Bones

The dark sublimed by the illuminating moon
Sooner or later there will be dawn
The birds will fly in flocks towards the light
The warmth of the sunlight will beam through their hollow bones
Sooner or later winter will pass

Tired bodies fall down on the ground
The heat of the body cooled down by the cold earth beneath you
Ignite your soul stealthily, don't haste
Unleash the light, the warmth within your heart
Feel what you have never felt before

May be you've felt it more than i can assume
But just as you lie there helpless and tattered
Never never let anybody else pick you up
It doesn't matter how long you stay there down and naked 
It doesn't matter how long you are vulnerable and exposed

Sometimes all that matters in life
Is to pick yourself up, dust yourself up, each time you fall
Let your loved ones hold your hands and wipe your tears
But pick yourself up before anybody else does, 
Its one thing you can do for your own

There is nothing too embarrassing to see or to feel
Don't just become a random photograph in eyes of your own 
Don't repent or seek pity in eyes of others
You're just made of flesh and bones, it will weather
But if forever is even a true of a word, 
Than forever your heart will carry you on.

P.S. Hope you find this song inspiring :)

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