Friday, 2 May 2014

Loss Of Someone Close: Relationship With Self

This is a real life story of a person who wanted me to be his voice and tell the world his story.
The story starts when he was a mere 10 year old boy studying in 5th std when he was faced with the most difficult turn of events in this life. He says, "I was a small boy back than, in mere 5th std. I was playing with my friends one afternoon, when I was told the most surprising yet in some way, the most dangerous news of my life! After that very day I had to suffer pain for 10 long years of my life and still counting." 

The news that gave him so much pain back then, up until today was that his elder sister had met with an accident and was taken to one of the best private hospitals for treatment in the city (Guwahati). He recalls, "The doctors said that she will be alright after the operation but the operation totally changed her life. A 18 year old girl could not walk anymore. She was living the life of an infant again. She had to depend on others for every single need of hers." He recalls his mother being heartbroken and pain stricken. He was a 10 year old child but despite him being a child, he didn't have a childhood to enjoy. He grew up way too fast and was trying very hard to get accustomed to his new life but every single day was a painful experience for him to see his family suffer. "The people around me did not understand my family's situation." He vividly recalls, "Every day I had to face an array of questions from my friends and neighbors. They kept asking me horrendous questions like, 'how does your sister go to the toilet?', 'how does she take bath?'. There were a lot of questions I didn't like to answer and on many occasions I felt left out and in-understandable."

His family slowly got accustomed to this new life but there came another blow when his sister started to suffer again. Because she was always lying on her bed, she developed wounds on her back. There came a situation when she could not lie down neither could she stand up nor could she sit down properly. His mother and his sister took tours to the hospital more often and spent almost 2 and a half years in the hospital. He says "Back then, I was living with my father at home and since I rarely saw them, I missed them so very much".

Amidst the pain and suffering, days passed him by. He was stepping into adulthood now, probably a 17 years old teenager just passing out of college. Long before he knew it, he had to face the death of his sister. Just two months later he also loses his father. He says, "Even now I can feel the pain I had felt before, even now I suffer the same way I suffered. All that my life has taught me, up until now is that, there is a very close relationship between me a sadness, between me and tragedy. Someone close to me is always suffering. So I think that maybe every single relationship only brings sadness to our lives".

I do not have a moral from this story as I am in a situation where I am nobody to judge. All I can think of now after hearing his story is that he has truly been a brave person. Seeing somebody close to you suffer is the biggest pain a person can endure but living through it tests the person's capability to live life and helplessly smile when you must. Life can be depressing but on many occasions one can perk up. Many people at this very moment may be going through a lot of pain and suffering. All I can say is please smile. Regardless of any situation, please take a moment to hold your head high and smile because you my friend have been brave and up until now whatever the situation and consequences, you have survived. To think that, "every single relationship only brings sadness to our lives" is rightfully wrong because you my friend have shared a very fruitful relationship with yourself. The way you fell and brought yourself back up again is in itself a commendable thing to do. When nobody was around to support you and understand you, you understood yourself the best. When you thought you could only cry, you have smiled. You have helped yourself become the person you are. So despite the wrongs, the odds, the falls please smile because you have lived through it all to tell me your story as it involves a lot of courage and risks to be completely honest and have a real conversation with somebody. Although I struggled with the post title, I am honored because you made me a part of it. So thank you! 


  1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Awesme lines.. respct to u 4r adptng hz story n rspct to tht guy who hv suffrd all thz.. be brav n strng... ups & dwns r a part of life...

  3. Thank you Shasank!!! means a lot :)

  4. This is so touching.
    Everyone has some happenings / incidents in their life which others won't understand or be able to comprehend. As the saying goes "life has to go on"

    1. Yes you are absolutely correct :) every single one of us have a story to tell.. Thank you for commenting :) really appreciate the gesture :)