Friday, 14 November 2014

Green Tea/Just A Thought/ Happy Children's Day/ P.S. I Miss You Old Geezer!!

What can't a morning cup of green tea fix? Its filled with anti-oxidants and help you become more youthful and energetic. Like they show in the Tetley ad, where Kareena Kapoor says, "inside wala snaan". For some it might just be a cup of cutting chai or black coffee or a full fat latte, a glass of juice packed with vitamins or even a healthy morning walk (ROFL, i'm a morning person.... NOT)!! There are endless choices for one to pick from in today's world.
Just a thought though, Christmas is just round the corner. So what do you want to do this Christmas?

2014 has come and gone so fast that in midst of lifey situations i had forgotten to follow all of my resolutions. I may not have forgotten them but i certainly did underestimate all of my will power and dragged myself into being just the opposite of what i had in mind (this is the time when i bang my head against the wall and say "why you bum.. why??", of course, no nobody else is allowed to say that except me..  just getting it out there you know!)

I wanted to get fit, travel/explore more, learn a new language, do some social work (volunteering), grow out my hair (ended up cutting it), get a driver's license..girls, laughing won't do us any good (we need to get this one thing done, if you haven't already) and guys, honestly, every guy friend i have think girls can't drive. Well, considering a live incident, when me and my boyfriend were crossing the road, a female driver ran her car over the divider, onto a one way street going into the opposite direction just to take a right turn, probably 10-15 steps away from me, right in front of my eyes, i'm not too sure myself. May be she was in a hurry to get home but, all the more i look at this, all the more reasons convince me into believing that she might have panicked just a tad bit. Well, there we were looking at each other, he smiled at me and said, "see, that's why i say girls can't drive!!". It was fucking hilarious. I was spell bound obviously but there was nothing i could do.

I would say i don't know much about this whole female/male : "who's a superior driver" thing and may be guys are right or may be not (i call this pride), but i do know that nobody taught me how to drive.
Hence i can't drive.
That's that.
Problem solved!
Call me a diplomate, until i learn driving myself. Will be glad to prove you wrong.
Until than i will be rolling on the floor....
laughing ....(Totally contradicting myself, when i said laughing wont do us no good, tbh, laughing is great for health)..
Provided if u are laughing of course..
Hmmm, no, i am gonna laugh anyway.. don't mind me, i'm only here to laugh and blabber and try to make sense out of things.

Moving on, this year i celebrated my 22nd birthday. The moment i blew those candles, a sudden realization came to me. I realized that i wasn't a child anymore. You know, no more free tickets for children below 5. No more going into a bar and drinking below legal age. No more "i'm still a child, i can't vote. Rather i don't know whom to vote". Suddenly there is this  greater need of being more aware of things around you. No more, "mama, stop over-pouring me with all these responsibilities", and above all no more torturing the teachers into organizing children's day when we didn't have any classes, when they danced and sang just for us.

14th November is here already, so, HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!!! I remember the first children's day i had in DPS. I was in 5th standard. It is, by far, probably the best children's day i ever got to experience. I remember this particular day not only because it is a day worth remembering but also because on this day, i had lost somebody really dear and close to me.

My grandpa was living his last moments when i was at school. I wish somebody would have told me, but yet, they all decided to keep quiet until i got home. There i was having the time of my life when he was on his death bed, counting seconds, re-living memories that once made him laugh and cry and rejoice. Knowing that he lived his life to the best of his abilities. Knowing that there were people who were going to miss him and his presence. When i finally got to know, he was already gone.

My grandpa made my childhood special. He'd climb trees to pick out fruits i loved. He'd fish for me and teach me how to fish. He'd puff onto his cigarette and let me play video games on the telly. He'd let me watch Dragon Ball Z, sacrificing what he loved watching. He'd eat the food i'd make for him when i first learned cooking without complaining once. He'd cut down one tree and plant 5 more. He'd teach me how to ride a bicycle even though i kept failing him. He'd hold my hand and teach me which side to walk on while waking on roads without pavements. He'd teach me how to color on coloring books, he'd say, " first color the boundaries and then color the insides. This will help you make sure you don't spill anything out by mistake". I only saw him few times a year. Somedays we'd go visit him, which was mostly when i had summer or winter vacations and somedays he'd come live with us. Those few limited days i had with him, seems like a lifetime now. He gave me life lessons i will never never forget. Not only his love for me but his love for children was so immense that he even built a school for children who couldn't afford a lot of money. He gave me the perfect example of living a humble life, to be perfectly happy with what we have and the phrase that rightfully says, "less is more".

I might have been small to realize this than but now i realize. I realize that, nothing in this world is permanent. Nothing can be kept forever because nothing is your own. Nothing can be given or taken. Nothing can be made or destroyed. Somethings are not under our control. We are all a part of a phenomena and we exist in this vast universe, living different lives, in different parallel worlds, in different dimensions. We are born into families we call our own. We make bonds and connections with people we are naturally attracted to. We grow fond of them, we forget some and hold onto some and yet in the midst of living this journey, we only know the value of what we have until its suddenly gone.

Do we value people enough? Do we give them the love they deserve? Are we living a life worth re-living? If you could turn back time, what do you think you could have done better? Are you hard to forget in the eyes of others? Are you proud of yourself and others?

Children's day for me is a day i ponder upon reflecting the life i've lived, reminiscing about my childhood days, my teenage days into adulthood. Its a day i miss my grandpa and smile upon the life, the special bond we shared.

If you're still below 21, go on, live your to the best of your abilities and if you're above 21, remember you can still be a child and mess things up around the house and finally, if you have an imaginary feelings wheel and you are looking to color on 'happiness' and 'fulfillment', i'd suggest you to start with the orphanages. Do something you'd feel glad to look back and reflect upon in 2015. Make memories, make friends, make love, rejoice this journey we call life.

P.S. Grandpa (my old geezer), i hope we had more of 'us' time together, i miss you and i hope you know that. I love you and always will. I hope you are proud of me even though i've failed you countless times. I hope you always shelter the people i love and care about under your protective wings. I hope u have found peace. I hope there isn't any more suffering where you're at. I hope to see you standing in the bright daylight at the other end of this tunnel . Where ever you are i hope to see you again. I hope they remember you today at the school you once built. I hope you know you are unforgettable in my eyes. 

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